About Us

Autosound Lab is Passionate about Automotive Sound.

Autosound Lab is locally owned and operated, serving Fresno, Clovis and the surrounding Central California areas.

Opened in 1980, we specialize in the Sales, Installation and Repair of Car Audio Equipment and a whole lot more.

Our Clients vehicles have frequently been featured in Magazine Articles and have won numerous awards in Autosound Competitions.


Jason Baltis wrote a piece about our company, called "Good Vibrations" on his blog "Polished Prose".
Here's some of what he wrote:

As she described the community involvement of Auto Sound Lab, Lee Ann spoke about what she is most proud of. “I would have to say our country. Where else are you going to be able to start something from nothing? Where else can you have a success story where if you work hard, you can make a good living for yourself and other people?” said Ellis.

There are many reasons to visit Lee Ann Ellis at Auto Sound Lab in Fresno, but customer service seems to be the secret to the longevity of her business. The way she answers the phone says it all.
“Thank you for calling Auto Sound Lab. This is Lee Ann. How can I help?"